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Hi, I'm Cici Crossley (Keali'inohomoku), a Hawaiian girl living in the desert, doing the Entrepreneur thing! 


I help people build a life that they love by streamlining the process of starting a new business and working from home. I know first hand what it's like to do this without any help, and it can be very confusing - not to mention frustrating!


I understand that times are changing and more and more people are looking to break away from the regular 9-5 and become their own boss and begin to live a more fulfilling way of life....I'm right there with ya! With my background in accounting and 15 years of experience, I created Bookkeeper Bootcamp, and AZ Startup Solutions as a way to help my friends and family start their catering company, volleyball club, personal training gym, non-profit organization and many more new businesses quickly and with less stress.





I own my own business, and still hold down a day job. I'm a working mom and wife and I feel super blessed to wake up every morning and have the opportunity to take care of my family! That probably sounds a bit corny.....but it's true! I work smarter so that I can play harder!!


My goals for my personal business and my courses are simple & straight forward: Create a business that can sustain my (or your) lifestyle, as well as serving the community.


Thanks for reading this! If you're ready to start your new business contact my team and I and let's get going!

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