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Bookkeeping 101 - Build the Foundation

  • Get teamed up with an expert Bookkeeper Bootcamp Instructor

  • Terminology

  • Identifying Accounts and Using Double-Entry Bookkeeping, Cash, Accrual, & Hybrid Actg Methods.

  • Keeping Journals (JE)

  • Paying Bills and Managing Inventory (AP)

  • Tracking Sales, Product Inventory, COGs (AR)

  • Testing Your Balance (Reconciling & Balance Sheet)

  • Reporting Income (Income Statement & Profit & Loss)

  • The cycle of Bookkeeping 

  • Setup your QBO and/or Xero Accountant/Bookkeeper account

Take Action Today - Become a Bookkeeping Boss!

  • What do you absolutely need to start? (Hardware & Software)

  • Social Media & Marketing Tools

  • Finding your Niche

  • Branding

  • Getting Quality Clients and Pricing Your Services

  • The Business Side of Things

  • Home or Virtual Office Setup, which one's right for you?!

  • Boss Bookkeeper Mindset

  • How I started My Business & What Worked for me!

Success isn't always about being great or famous, it's about consistency. 

"Consistent hard work gains success, greatness will come"

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 

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